Ulrike & Roland
We, Roland and Ulrike a German couple, came to France in 1987 after our studies in agriculture.

We found this estate in the southwest of France and it was the ideal location for our vision of an organic farm; 38 hectares of organic farmlands surrounded by a wood of large oaks and chestnut trees.

In the past there were grapes on this land and we wanted to continue in this way to produce organic wines. On our organic farm we also cultivate apples and grow cereals and other grains as well as sunflowers.

Hope to see you at “Domaine de Maillac” for tasting our wines.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

We are happy to welcome you every day from 3 pm till 7 pm all year long, or by appointment :
+33 (0)5 63 64 21 73.

The Organic Vineyard
at Domaine de Maillac

Beautiful Wines from the Southwest of France

OUR VINEYARD — is located northeast of Toulouse and south of Cahors in the wine region defined as AOP “Coteaux du Quercy”. In 1999 we planted 5 hectares of the traditional grape varieties – Cabernet-Franc, Merlot, Syrah, Cot (Malbec) and Tannat. We never used artificial fertilizers or synthetic pesticides on our whole property and are audited each year by the “Ecocert” organization that gives us the label AB (Agriculture Biologique : Organic Agriculture)

THE CELLAR — is a 200 year old barn that keeps a regular temperature year round so it is an excellent climate to make and keep the wine. We don’t add yeast or use filtration in our vinification process. The sulphur levels are kept to a minimum in order to obtain natural and healthy wines

THE HARVEST — to get the best quality and flavour we pick our grapes by hand when the grapes have reached their peak of maturity between the end of September and the beginning of October.  

Neighbours and friends love to come and help us in order to participate at the famous meal. 


THE WINES — are prepared by our own at the site which gives us control of each step in the process and allows us to bottle the wine at the perfect time.
We produce red and rosé wines; the annual production is about 180 hectolitres.

« Vin de Pays » Fresh and fruity
You can find the fresh and fruity Vin de Pays, a local red wine available in 75 cl bottles or 5 liter boxes.

AOC « Coteaux de Quercy » Long and tasty
In the vintages 2011,12 and 15.
Offered in 75 cl bottles, 6 bottles in the box.

Rosé wine Typical and expressive
Made by the method of “saignée style” with red grapes, which gives the wine its particularly nice colour.
Available in 75 cl bottles and in 3 liter boxes.

All of our wines are made and bottled with love and care.